Dr. Nicholas A. Ashford

MIT LogoN icholas A. Ashford is Professor of Technology & Policy and Director of the Technology & Law Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he teaches courses in Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics; Law, Technology, and Public Policy; and Technology, Globalization, and Sustainable Development. Dr. Ashford is a Faculty Associate of the Center for Socio-technical Research in the School of Engineering; the Institute for Work and Employment Research in the Sloan School of Management; and the Environmental Policy Group in the Urban Studies Department. He holds both a Ph.D. in Chemistry and a Law Degree from the University of Chicago, where he also received graduate education in Economics.

Dr. Ashford is the co-author of two important textbooks/readers addressing sustainable development: Technology, Globalization, and Sustainable Development: Transforming the Industrial State (2011, Yale University Press; see http://sdm.mit.edu/news/news_articles/webinar_101711/webinar-ashford-systems.html) and Environmental Law, Policy and Economics: Reclaiming the Environmental Agenda (2008, MIT Press; see http://mitpress.mit.edu/9780262012386). He has also published several hundred articles in peer-reviewed journals and law reviews.

Dr. Ashford was a public member and chairman of the National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety & Health, served on the EPA Science Advisory Board, and was chairman of the Committee on Technology Innovation & Economics of the EPA National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology. Dr. Ashford is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and former chair of its Section on Societal Impacts of Science and Engineering. He served as an advisor to the United Nations Environment Programme and is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Cleaner Production, the Journal of Environmental Technology and Management, the Journal of Environmental Policy & Governance, and Environmental Innovation & Societal Transitions, He has served as co-chair of the US-Greece Council for the Initiative on Technology Cooperation with the Balkans.


Dr. Nicholas Ashford
Dr. Nicholas A. Ashford

Professor of Technology & Policy
Director of the Technology & Law Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology